CVM’s unprecedented survey reveals that Brazilian investors like Bitcoin and cryptomoedas

Bitcoin and cryptomoedas are „success“ among investors in Brazil, according to an unprecedented survey made by CVM

An unprecedented survey conducted by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) revealed that Brazilians are not afraid of the Bitcoin and cryptomoedas market.

According to a preview of the data released by the autarchy, the national investor is bold and a significant portion of national investors invest in cryptoactives.

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Furthermore, in the survey with more than 5,000 contributions, 40% of the participants claim to have started investing in the last 5 years, especially in the digital environment

According to Bruno Luna, Head of the Economic Analysis and Risk Management Advisory (ASA/CVM), the area responsible for conducting the research, it has already been possible to observe, preliminarily, that a relevant portion of the target audience already accesses more sophisticated investments, such as cryptomaps, derivatives and even investments abroad.

„Knowledge about the existence of securitization and private equity products, which were the focus of the research, proved to be high and there is interest from this public in accessing these markets. It is important to highlight that, although the level of deeper knowledge about both industries was not the subject of the questionnaire at that time, we observed that the investing public in general has an appetite for more risk and diversification of its investment portfolio,“ commented Bruno.


According to Karl Pettersson, analyst responsible for the study at ASA, another point highlighted is that most of the investors who responded to the survey have higher education (almost 70%).

„Even with this high number, we got to reach all school levels and income bands, revealing the movement of popularization of the Brazilian capital market. This is noticeable when 40% of the participants affirm to have started to invest in the last 5 years, highlighting the digital media as one of the main channels of access to investments, such as brokerage sites and applications made available by them. With this, we can observe a more autonomous investor profile“, analyses Karl.

Investment in Bitcoin Funds and Cryptomoedas skyrockets in Brazil and QR exceeds R$ 100 million under management

ASA/CVM will make a more detailed survey of the various respondent profiles and their characteristics, and it will even be possible to contact some investors who have shown willingness to collaborate further.

„The difference in volume between male and female participants was quite striking. This demonstrates a still very strong concentration of men in our investor audience. Surely we still have a long way to go, in the sense of attracting and engaging more the female public to this medium, since the theme has relevant reflections on various aspects of life, „said Luna.

Luna also highlights that the area is also studying rules in other markets and the economic literature on savings formation and investment decision.

„Our goal is to conclude and disseminate the Regulatory Impact Analysis study later this year and hold a broader discussion on future regulatory movements related to current rules and restrictions on access to various types of securities, which can contribute decisively to the channelling of savings to the capital market and, consequently, the financing of the economy,“ he concluded

Bitcoin Funds

The data from the CVM survey converge with the market data that show that investors‘ interest in having exposure to the crypto market has increased and, recently, QR Asset Management, manager of the QR Capital group, registered more than R$ 100 million under management.

The value has led the company to be the first in Brazil to reach this mark (in funds 100% allocated in cryptoactives).

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QR Asset Management currently manages three crypto regulated funds: QR Blockchain Assets, for qualified investors, and VTR QR Cripto, a master fund with Vitreo fund allocations, launched in the first quarter; and QR BTC MAX, the first 100% bitcoin fund in Brazil, with passive management and institutional custody, available this month.

Besides QR companies like BLP and Hashdesk also offer investment funds with exposure in Bitcoin and cryptomoedas.